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My native background is the most compelling force behind my work. I believe that there is artistry in everything I do. I express it through my products creation.
Michaelee and her grandmother at Pyramid Lake, Nevada with the "Stone Mother"
I'm Michaelee Lazore and I am creator of Sequoia Native Handmade Organics which was founded more than a decade ago. I work with natural ingredients to create artistic, beautiful, wonderful smelling products that even the most wild-hearted women (and men) would love.

Growing up between my Mohawk homeland in Akwesasne, NY and spending summers with my Paiute grandmother in the desert of Pyramid Lake, NV, I've taken the best of both worlds to inspire me when I create. I believe I help my customers reclaim their connection to the energy that flows from the ingredients and scents we use.
Creator of Sequoia Native Handmade Organics
Believe it or not, I once worked as an engineer, designing, roads, ditches, and sewer systems.
Moccasins I made for my daughter almost 20 years ago. My technical background actually served me well, as I am chief formulator here at Sequoia Native Handmade Organics. But in my previous life as an engineer, I was missing the artistry and creativity, that my grandmother honed in me since I was a little girl. Watching my grandmother tanning hides, doing beadwork, making baskets are some of my best memories. Little did I realize that she was an entrepreneur, and I was an entrepreneur in training.

Sequoia Native Handmade Organics gave me a perfect opportunity to use my technical background as an engineer without sacrificing my creativity. My company is 100% native owned and operated. I believe in building a strong economic base in my community and I'm proud of my native roots. We've been slowly expanding to other communities and territories.
Sequoia Native Handmade Organics are for those who want it beautiful, natural and appreciate that native connection.
When choosing a name for my company, I fell in love with the name Sequoia. To me, it not only represented nature, but strength. The giant Sequoia trees can live 2,000 to 3,000 years. The name also has a native connection as well. It's the name of a Cherokee chief who developed their alphabet so that the language could be written. A technical minded person just like me!

Every single product is handmade. I oversee all of the production at Sequoia, and take pride in our work. I ensure all of our products are made to our exacting standards. Months of testing and customer feedback ensures quality, freshness and consistency.

Sequoia Canoe Candles cooled and ready to be packaged.
Sequoia Red Clover Bath Tea with herbs and dead sea salts. I've made it our mission to provide our customers with products that not only smell and feel good, but that come from renewable ingredients. The essential and fragrance oil blends I've created take into consideration their effects on the body and mind. Healing herbs, flowers, spices and other nutrients are used for embellishment as well as for their exfoliating and nourishing properties. We do not use petroleum or petroleum by-products in any of our formulas. Sequoia products are inspired by native herbs, legends and wisdom. Most of the ingredients that I use are actually edible; therefore providing the philosophy that what is good for the inside is also good for the outside. Mother Nature provided me with the materials that I need. I hope that not only will you be impressed with Sequoia products, but that your friends and family will be too. Sequoia Native Handmade Organics is one of a kind. Sign up for our newsletter if you'd like to receive the latest news and product releases.



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